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GNRD - Damper


 GNRD - Non-Return Gravity Damper


Parallel blades Non-Return Gravity Damper made for regulating air capacity, opens by air flow and adjustable by a weight that sets the pressure which operates the damper's blades.

Made of extruded aluminum profiles, with U shape frame in size 25/115/25 mm.
The blades profiles are 95 mm wide and installed to the frame by ABS hinges (V0) which are according to Israeli fire standards (nonflammable, not dripping and do not release toxic fumes) and ensure safe low friction of the blades.


Unpainted natural extruded aluminum profiles.
All dimensions as per customer's demand.


Insects/birds protection net, as per demand.
Possible to install an inner weight (inside the light opening).

Static pressure drop on the face of the damper according to air velocity
GRND - Overall look GRND - Section


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