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RG - Air Volume Register

RGC - Opposed Blade Damper
for Ceiling Diffusers

RGW - Opposed Blade Damper
for Supply Wall Grilles & Louvers

Manuel Opposed Blades Volume Control Damper is used for air volume regulation in Wall Grilles, Ceiling Diffusers and Return Air Louvers.
Features in smooth continuous movement.
Made of extruded aluminum profile, installed on the inner part of the Diffuser's neck to avoid change in the Diffuser's neck size.
The blades are fixed to the frame by ABS (V0) wheels which are according to the Israeli fire standards(nonflammable, non dripping and do not release toxic fumes), enabling easy continuous movement of the blades.
Activated and regulated by a handle from the diffuser's front.


Made of unpainted natural aluminum.
For Wall Grilles standard sizes: 30/15, 30/20, 40/15, 40/20, 50/15, 50/20, 60/15, 60/20;
All nonstandard sizes as per customer's demand.
For Square Ceiling Diffusers: 6"/6", 9"/9", 12"/12", 15"/15", 18"/18", 21"/21".
For Rectangular Ceiling Diffusers: 9"/6", 12"/6", 15"/6", 18"/6", 12"/9", 15"/9", 18"/9", 15"/12", 18"/12", 21"/12", 18"/15", 21"/15".  
All nonstandard sizes as per customer's demand.
Fixed installation by clips to the inner part of the Diffuser's neck.
In Wall Grilles – by no-return clips.
In Ceiling Diffusers – clips that click the register to the Diffuser after its installation, while removing the Diffuser's core by a sprig and clicking the register to the prepared slots. Than returning the core to its place.


Volume Control Damper (Register) with cogwheels




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