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DMP - Volume Cntrol Damper


DMP - Volume Control Damper
(With Cogwheel)

Volume Control Damper with cogwheel made for regulating air flow and pressure in the air-conditioning ducts, in cooling, heating and ventilating.
The frame and blades are made of extruded aluminum profiles. The blades are installed to ABS bearings (V0) which are according to Israeli fire standards (nonflammable, not dripping and do not release toxic fumes). The bearings are activated by ABS wheels ensuring uninterrupted, easy movement of the blades.
The Damper's parts:
• Frame made of extruded aluminum profiles.
• Extruded aluminum partition (for B >1200 mm unit)
• Extruded aluminum blades.
• ABS wheels
• Operation handle
Opposed blades movement.
The damper is operated by a handle or an appropriate actuator.
100˚c heat resistance.
Damper's sealing level:
DMP Damper of 1 m^2 at closed position loses about 100 m^3/h at 100 Pa.

Natural aluminum as standart.
Available in selection of shades, as per RAL catalog.

All dimensions as per the following restrictions:
Up to 1000 mm long damper B (light opening) is made as one unit.
Height H (light opening) is made at 10+1cm increments (11, 21, 31, 41, 51 etc.).
Other dimensions are available as per demand.



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